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  • Eshly Alle
Bentobox made in Germany.

Eshly is a stackable food box made of pure ash wood and with a soul just as pure. Being a real natural product it is free of chemical additives and plasticisers. Eshly‘s design is beautiful and elaborate: at home it can be conveniently stacked. During transport an elastic band ensures that everything is stored in place and reaches the kindergarden or your office safely. The lid can be used as an additional plate or second flat box. Eshly is sturdy and lightproof and therefore perfect for daily use!

S: Ø: 105 mm, Height: 70 mm, Weight: 134 g, Capacity: max. 15,2 fl. oz. /450 ml
L: Ø: 125 mm, Height: 70 mm, Weight: 170 g, Capacity: max. 19,2 fl. oz. /570 ml.
XL: Ø: 155 mm, Height: 70 mm, Weight: 230 g, Capacity: max. 28 fl. oz. / 830 ml.
Family: Ø: 170 mm, Height: 70 mm, Weight: 286 g, Capacity: max. 37,19 fl. oz./ 1,1 l.

Eshly Alle

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